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    Holiday Phone Cash received their 10th complaint on .

    Information about Holiday Phone Cash was first submitted to Scambook on Dec 09, 2013. Since then the page has accumulated 21 consumer complaints. On average users reported $558.38 of damages.

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  • Kim
  • Kim SBID #7e0bbfdf08
  • Publicado 12/23/2013
  • I too have received calls from this company. The calls started on 12/22/2013. I've answered about 5 of these calls and here is the information I was able to gather despite the fact that they DO NOT want to give out their business info. One person read out my banking info, address, DOB, email address etc. Here are the two numbers I was given to call if I had questions.

    Here are the numbers they have called from: 399-871-2097, 322-543-8517, 421-519-5989, 698-968-9379. If your banking accounts can be withdrawn on make the essential changes to protect your information immediately!!
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