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    There is currently no valid contact information for Scambook to investigate this profile.

    Information about was first submitted to Scambook on Jul 11, 2012. Since then the page has accumulated 150 consumer complaints. On average users reported $261.61 of damages. Scambook's investigation team reached out to this company a total of 1 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Mar 27, 2013.

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  • Daños Reportados Sin Resolver $39,241.32

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  • Queja 142686 for $0.00
  • cynthia
  • cynthia SBID #9c1099ab8b
  • Publicado 08/04/2012

    Phil all you need to do is start your computer in safe mode with networking. Do this by hitting F8 as soon as your computer starts loading. Then run system restore to bring your computer back to an earlier time. There is a link above that will walk you through. You don't have to buy the malware detector it mentions but you probably want to get a good free one like avg because yours is not up to date. Also the pinochle sites appear to be bad news! Try to find some more reputable card playing sites or download a reputable version from
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  • Queja 138928 for $204.95
  • thomas
  • thomas SBID #c0f38c668c
  • Publicado 07/26/2012
  • I had the same prob. turn computer off and disconnect the internet. That "FBI" screen won't pop up. Get onto your desktop and run a virus scan. If your virus protection isn't updated then open another user on your computer. The bogus screen only affects the user who was on when it was infected. You can then reconnect your internet to update your virus protection under the other user. It worked for me. Also google "" on another computer if this doesn't work for other solutions which I saw.
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