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  • GOPTIONS Queja 331608 for $9,169.00
    Publicado 1 hour ago


  • New Vitality Queja 331607 for $46.94
    Publicado 1 hour ago

    I ordered a bottle of Super Beta Prostate on 9/22/14 (have receipt). I was told that I had 30 days to cancel prior to being sent another bottle and being charged full prior. I called today to cancel…

  • GSCM Fulfillment 2049 North Lincoln Street Burbank, CA 91504 Queja 331606 for $54.95
    Publicado 2 hours ago

    I signed up to receive free Anti-aging Face cream that merchandise, I was charged $75.00 and $54.95 on my credit card. I called my bank and the charges did not go through because I did not have…

  • 1-888-8922065 Queja 331605 for $80.45
    Publicado 2 hours ago

    I entered the website Senior People Meet I signed up for a 1 month subscription for $22.95. 3 days into it I knew it was not for me. Tried to cancel & found out they had already charged my…

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    • 4072891009 Queja 331604 for $0.00
      Publicado 2 hours ago

      I am selling a wedding dress on Craigslist and this phone number sent me texts trying to SCAM me. Beware! Scammer: Hi. I'm Michelle Jones. I like the wedding dress. It is perfect for my…

    • 720-599-0012 Queja 331603 for $0.00
      Publicado 2 hours ago

      I am trying to sell a wedding dress on craigslist. This phone number started texting me the following SCAM script: Scammer: My name is Jackson, I'm ready for the purchase and am willing to add…

    • 760-980-2994 Phone Number Complaint 331602 for $0.00
      Publicado 2 hours ago

      Called and left message said they were from the us treasury and if I did not call back I would have legal action brought against me. I called the number and blocked mine, the person answered the…

    • Garcinia Cambogia Queja 331601 for $160.00
      Publicado 4 hours ago

      Supposedly I could call and cancel my next shipment by calling an 800 number. If I don't cancel I will receive another shipment and be charged, $80. Well I do not want another shipment. However,…

    • Henk Tobbe Queja 331600 for $200.00
      Publicado 5 hours ago

      I paid €200 to Sky Telecom Limited uk for a iphone 4s 32 GB. I didnot get any phone and my mails are not replied anymore. Still there are many ads on several sites by Henk Tobbe.

    • UpClick Queja 331599 for $90.00
      Publicado 6 hours ago

      Voici le Email adressé à billing@mypcbackup.com et sales@mypcbackup.com le 16/10/2014 Monsieur, Je viens par la présente vous signifier mon mécontentement concernant l'abonnement à : MY PC Backup…

    • GreenTonePro Queja 331597 for $169.96
      Publicado 6 hours ago

      I bought a 30-day supply of a supplement to improve metabolism for $4, and an additional supplement for $1. When I agreed to their Terms and Conditions (instead of reading through line for line) I…

    • Puregc60-Garcinia Cambogia Queja 331596 for $84.92
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      I have contacted both numbers:1-866-630-4386, 1-877-590-5758 and they are non working numbers. I would like to cancel my account with this company. I have notified my credit card company of the…

    • Harlows Hotel Queja 331595 for $174.20
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      My husband went to Harlows to cash his paycheck and decided to have a couple drinks and listen to a band while he was there. When he got ready to leave they wouldn't let him because he was too…

    • SKG loan company Queja 331594 for $25,000.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      I received a phone call stating that I owe this company money. I do not remember taking out a loan, at time I was working for The County of Riverside at the time. Since then I have lost my job with…

    • RVTL Queja 331593 for $89.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      I responded to an advert for free cosmetic samples, and paid £2.99p.postage and packaging. My "sample" duly arrived in September. Unfortunately I later discovered £89. had been taken from my…

    • All Personally Yours Queja 331592 for $360.28
      Publicado 8 hours ago

      My name is Gary Hester i ordered 8 bottles of raspberry drops and your company did not send me a receipt of how much it cost. i need a receipt immediately. Please send to my yahoo or work email.…

    • Olawale James Queja 331591 for $280.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      I posted a Camera on Craigslist for $200. The person stated that they will pay the $80 packaging charge to send the camera but never did receive the $$. Please be careful.

    • Hydra Fund Queja 331590 for $200.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      Back in 2013 I applied for some payday loans on line,but was turned down. Next thing I knew there was this extra $200.00 in my account. Without my permission or e-signature Hydra Fund had deposit the…

    • Henk Tobbe Queja 331589 for $200.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      I bought a iphone 4s 32 GB at Sky Telecom Limited, UK. After having paid €200 by Moneygram I got a mail by Henk Tobbe, that the money had been received and that I would get a track and trace code.…

    • Equinox And Sheridan Labs Queja 331588 for $658.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      On 6th October I saw an advert attached to a web page for "Fragrantica" (A perfectly honest company). The advert stated that I could purchase the advertised RVTL products for "Postage…

    Mostrar 1 - 20 of 290465 informes