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  • isunglasses.net/account/ Queja 341993 for $55.02
    Publicado 2 hours ago

    I bought two pairs of sunglasses. Oakley Gascans and a pair of ray bans. On my account for the website it said pending. My checking account showed 55.02 dollars missing and taking out by Kaidi Store…

  • DermaJuvenate & Rejuven Eye Max Queja 341992 for $87.91
    Publicado 3 hours ago

    I purchased a sample of eye cream from DermaJuvenate & Rejuven Eye Max with a small charge of $3.99 and $4.99 for two creams. They continue to charge my credit card account without authorization…

  • Evans Smith Queja 341991 for $0.00
    Publicado 4 hours ago

    I had truck for sale on Craigslist and he was interested in buy it. I got the following email from him. Re: Truck Sent By: Sent By Evans Smith On:Aug 08/01/15 5:35 PM To: To Pat B…

  • MyPhoneSupport.com Queja 341990 for $0.00
    Publicado 5 hours ago

    I called thinking it was Microsoft word support because I couldn't open Word on my computer. They had me open Quicken and other programs and then after 1 hour looking at "cookies" and…

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    • Pure Garcinia Cambogia Queja 341989 for $168.94
      Publicado 5 hours ago

      On June 17 2015 I order the one bottle of the Garcinia Cambogia for 6.94 on the same day I refuse the refill for any more bottles and since then in a few days received the one bottle , Today I found…

    • TVG TRUVISAGE TNBILLCOM Queja 341988 for $693.40
      Publicado 6 hours ago

      I ordered this truvisage cream once and they keep deducting money from my credit card. The promotion said its a 30 day trial for only $1.99. So i tried it but the time I got the product they already…

    • home Life warranty protection Queja 341987 for $700.00
      Publicado 6 hours ago

      A/C unit went out. tec.said it needed two new parts then after he called the Homelife office he and the office said they wont fix because it was a older unit and would not honor there warranty to…

    • Shipping Dept. Fulfillment Center, PO Box 61553 Savannah GA Queja 341986 for $120.00
      Publicado 8 hours ago

      I ordered a special supply of Green Gardenia and a cleanse product. Now I have been receiving this product every month I and I don't know how to stop this happening. All I want is the order…

    • curryvilla.com.au Queja 341985 for $186.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      Counterfeit, fake, false, dishonest, rip off, cheap, not trusted, not safe, scam Jewellery Website. Please do not buy any products from this site. They are counterfeit. What you see on the site is…

    • Veluxa creme Queja 341984 for $89.95
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      Just got billed on my email for $89.95. I never agreed to that, what kind of crooks are these? Also reading many more complaints from many more people, same things happened to them. How do they get…

    • LogoDesignGuarantee Queja 341983 for $60.00
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      can’t believe that there are so many negative reviews about this scam company yet they are still in operation. I should have seen all the tell tale signs but I guess I was lured in with all their…

    • Thinline Queja 341982 for $19.95
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      My debit card was hacked for $19.95 on July 31, 2015. I don't even know this company and I don't know how they got my information. Please get me a refund and stop these people from…

    • Pamela Griffin Queja 341981 for $0.00
      Publicado 15 hours ago

      I'm selling a car online. Pamela says that she's buying for a friend. She will deposit 17,000 into my paypal account. She will add extra $ for the shipping for the western union... Looks…

    • GoogleCC@Google.com Queja 341980 for $12.00
      Publicado 16 hours ago

      What is this charge? It appeared on my statement today: $12 charge from GOOGLECC@GOOGLE.COM SINGAPORE SGP I do not know the source of payment where it came from

    • Lumisse Cedar city, Utah 84720 phone 888-443-7201 Queja 341979 for $179.05
      Publicado 23 hours ago

      I sent for first supply only paying shipping. Nowhere did I see where they automatically bill my card for another bottle. They have billed my card and I have no product for the amount of $179.05. This…

    • Pure Garcinia Cambogia Queja 341978 for $480.00
      Publicado Aug 1st, 2015

      They look $240 the first time and now today 2/8/15 they took another $240 when they said it was free. I have sent them emails but know reply i need a refund im happy to send the product back

    • QNQ*QNQTIME Queja 341977 for $95.00
      Publicado Aug 1st, 2015

      I too was told by PCH that I could get this watch for $5.99-shipping and handling. Guess there must have been some fine print I didn't read because now my charge card has been charged $95.00.…

    • makeout.com Queja 341976 for $99.00
      Publicado Aug 1st, 2015

      i signed up for a free service and today on 8-01-15 my card was charged 99.00 dollars illegaly i didnt authorize this transaction.i need my account to be immediatly refunded or whomever aproved this…

    • Express Pardons Queja 341975 for $0.00
      Publicado Aug 1st, 2015

      HELLO ALL My simple post is based on curiosity and not to offend any person or group or company. Domainsbyproxy is rated A+ in BBB but many scam companies using their service to hide their real…

    • Western Union Queja 341974 for $1,900.00
      Publicado Aug 1st, 2015

      This reverend told me he had a saint bernard puppy up for adoption and all i had to pay was shipping fees well it was insurance ,the flight,a new crate,and a border fee. It was promised and promised…

    Mostrar 1 - 20 of 295311 informes