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  • supreme garcini18669 Queja 342283 for $104.90
    Publicado 11 minutes ago

    this seems to be repeadetdly happening from my bank account this is the 2nd time , I have received nothing and want nothing....please stop taking money from my acoount now!

  • Lyra infosystems Bangalore or Bomgar Corporation Queja 342282 for $80,000.00
    Publicado 15 minutes ago

    Beware of Lyra Infosystems(Lyra Infosystems Pvt. Ltd # 149, 3rd Floor, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034 India ) & BOMGAR Corporation. They sold us fake Bomgar licenses for $80000 and…

  • MG Health Queja 342281 for $84.98
    Publicado 49 minutes ago

    They advertise product refundable. They sent me e refill of the product immediately after cancelation, no bill. I checked they charged my credit card for $84.95 and refused to accept the return. This…

  • Facebook - Fb.Me/CC Queja 342280 for $19.11
    Publicado 1 hour ago

    On 8/24 $2.00 was charged to my account. On 8/31 $17.11 was charged to my account. I did not authorize these charges. 650-6187714 was the number on the charge. I called the number, and it just rings…

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    • Shoshana Maharanie (a/k/aRevran Lincoln) Queja 342279 for $800,000.00
      Publicado 1 hour ago

      CLICK HERE FOR PHOTO: http://florida.arrests.org/mugs/Dade/2011/110060036.jpg This woman is a thief and should not be trusted. Her and her partner in crime (Emanuel Joseph Mateus) have engaged in a…

    • BBVdiscount booksale Queja 342278 for $400.00
      Publicado 2 hours ago

      I noticed a charge for 9.95 from BBVrebate giant and bbv discountbook sale. They seem to be connected to each other. When I called they said I ordered a book and joined a membership that costs 9.95 a…

    • Green Coffee Diet, LLC Queja 342277 for $170.00
      Publicado 5 hours ago

      I ordered the trial method and I was checking my bank account and within 2 weeks I was being charged $87.00 for one bottled each of the green coffee and the cleanser. When I called I was told that I…

    • MyPhoneSupport.com Queja 342276 for $18.95
      Publicado 6 hours ago


    • Reservation-Desk.com Queja 342275 for $368.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      Made reservations for two rooms one night. Visa card was charged 368.00 for a 78.00 dollar a night room. Have been fighting for a refund for over a month,and they will not respond. Please do not use…

    • OMAXLINE (Continuity/Subscription Merchants Queja 342274 for $95.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      I logged into my online banking this morning and found a charge for $95.00 from Continuity/Subscription Merchants. There was a ref. to Omaxline on the bill. I had taken a survey a couple weeks ago…

    • Reservation-Desk.com Queja 342273 for $284.00
      Publicado 8 hours ago

      I cancelled my reservation due to a change in plans and they state I would not get a refund for 3-10 days. I will NEVER use them again and not am skeptical about even getting a refund.

    • VimaxGroup Queja 342272 for $500.00
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      I ordered a free trial too and i want it to STOP there are no contact details on how to stop this piece of shit product being sent to me every month STOP SENDING IT AND STOP CHARGING ME

    • Virgin Gold Mining Corporation (VGMC) Queja 342271 for $10,000.00
      Publicado 11 hours ago

      I was introduced to virgin gold by a colleague,I invested in 2 Accounts USD 10K Sept 2012 after joing VGMC Next Month received message that company migrating to a new company they suspended paying of…

    • a letter i received from India telling me that I won lottery Queja 342270 for $450.00
      Publicado 11 hours ago

      a letter from martafrasco1@outlook.com. And they were asking me that amount of money so that they can send me the package. That they say I won a megamillions lottey and they want to send it to my…

    • Luminique Queja 342269 for $209.85
      Publicado 14 hours ago

      I requested that the order be cancelled and NO further payments were tobe taken from my Visa A/c. However the so called product Specilaist Tesia Cronk on ext 216 almost demanded I pay an extra…

    • Priority One Marketing Group, LLC Queja 342268 for $400.00
      Publicado 21 hours ago

      They called us and offered high end advertising. After we paid they designed an ad and nothing after that. We called twice to request the printed catalogues. They eventually actually sent us one. When…

    • ETILLEM,LLC Queja 342267 for $1.00
      Publicado 21 hours ago

      I am a supervisor for a 3rd party customer service center that provides service for this company. First, be advised, this company is actually a DBA for the parent company called FORTIS. They had to…

    • tech.upclk.com Queja 342266 for $542.85
      Publicado 22 hours ago

      Unauthorised transaction from my account. Unable to help with computer issues, technicians not friendly or helpful. Would not recommend this company

    • create-scotland.co.uk. Queja 342263 for $148.03
      Publicado Aug 30th, 2015

      I ordered a dress for 73.04 from WWW.Create_Scotland believing it was a UK company which they indicated. It said my card had failed possibly to incorrect details and I re entered the number. My…

    • PAYOFFICER10001@GMAIL.COM Queja 342262 for $1,996.00
      Publicado Aug 30th, 2015

      I had a Cashiers Check sent to Me in the mail from JB Roofing Systems LLC.It came with a short note { Kindly E-mail PAYOFFICER10001@GMAIL.COM and TXT (412)436-3457 as soon as You receive this PAYMENT…

    Mostrar 1 - 20 of 300833 informes