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  • service@jcappoc.com Queja 331671 for $65.00
    Publicado 1 hour ago

    Ordered some nike theas around 3 weeks ago and they have not turned up. Believe this is a scam company. Very annoyed with what has happened!!! Would like my money back!!

  • cvvshop.net Queja 331669 for $10.00
    Publicado 3 hours ago

    SCAM SCAM FRAUD FRAUD Site. Today I deposited US$10 and thereafter No Action or REPLY I sincerely advise users to be very careful and do not deposit any advance. I lost $10 worth Bitcoins today

  • Hall improvement Queja 331668 for $2,000.00
    Publicado 3 hours ago

    he supposed to fix my house ,I paid and he did very lousy job,and in several cases he even did not do the job.I called him several times and he never respond.

  • Hampton Naturals LTD Queja 331667 for $150.00
    Publicado 4 hours ago

    I answered an advert for two free items of Derma Youth Pro. Eye Cream and Face cream samples. I had to pay the postage of 2.95 and 4.95 respectively which I did. I received the goods and never…

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    • Luxury Replicas Queja 331666 for $128.95
      Publicado 4 hours ago

      I ordered a Rolex watch on 21 July 2014, after two weeks I sent an e.mail to them, they replied that it had been sent. I was given a tracking no., which I checked and it seemed it had been sent. A…

    • WRINKLECREAM.EU PORT LOUIS Queja 331665 for $189.00
      Publicado 5 hours ago


    • WRINKLECREAM.EU PORT LOUIS Queja 331664 for $216.37
      Publicado 5 hours ago

      I did not order WRINKLECREAM.EU PORT LOUIS. I did not receive any product either from that company as well. That company CHARGED AUS $216.37 from my MASTER credit account on 16/oct/2014. I WANT MY…

    • HOME INCOME FLOW WEBSITE Queja 331663 for $110.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      Am from Singapore & Yesterday seen an ad abt Facebook Business which said only 3 pounds for activation…signed it & landed in HomeIncomeFlow.com. They charged 99$ & sent a mail confirming…

    • Clearly Creative Talent Queja 331662 for $25,000.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      He played me!! He lied about his legal name!!! Aparamtly Colen mason changes his name like a girl changes clothes!!! He showed me doctored recorded of profit n then made me pay him 25000 for a company…

    • Amonstar Queja 331661 for $318.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      Sent faulty items, refusing to send out replacement or refund money. Sent a few emails stringing me along, but still no compensation.Now they have stopped replying to my emails.

    • Non allergic and sensation free Queja 331660 for $2.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      I was enlightened regarding Elliskin anti -Aging Cream by my colleague, that is additionally an honest friend of mine. The cream extremely worked for me. Interested to understand more? Provides a look…

    • Alpha Resource Partners Queja 331659 for $1,200,000.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      It was stock fraud ..false shares they set up a false company with share contracts and sold false Alibaba shares. They say they were based in China..on their webpage it says they are bankrupt its…

    • Alpha Resource Partners Queja 331658 for $1,200,000.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      Selling pre IPO Alibaba stock. Complete Fraudulent company. Extremely professional. Bank HSBC HONG KONG. All American probably working from New York. We will find who you are and you will go to jail

    • Danbury Mint Queja 331657 for $0.00
      Publicado 12 hours ago

      I received a large envelope from Danbury Mint with my name a& my ex wife's name printed in large letters on the outside of the envelope with " Forever Together". I divorced the…

    • 7548121006 patrick michael Queja 331656 for $382.00
      Publicado 14 hours ago

      I got a call from this lady saying i was approved for a loan...she then transfered me to a guy named patrick...he told me all i had to do was get a green dot money pack for 191 dollars to show that i…

    • SideTick TV Queja 331655 for $54.00
      Publicado 14 hours ago

      I joined the free trial for 5 days. The information on website stated to bill USD 9.9 every 30days. In fact they billed me 600% of their promise. Such fraud marketing.

    • Aloevella Wrinkless Cream Queja 331654 for $99.00
      Publicado 15 hours ago

      These people are scam artists. I ordered a "free" sample. They billed me for it, later saying "The trial was over". When I complained they refused to refund my money.

    • Fitness clubhouse Queja 331653 for $164.68
      Publicado 15 hours ago

      I signed up on Facebook for a free trial of Garcinia Wonder. It came and was debited a small amount for postage. 2 days later came the big sell on the phone. buy 1 get 1 at the same bargain price. I…

    • Avast internet security for viruseprotecter Phone Number Complaint 331652 for $21.99
      Publicado 17 hours ago

      i have no dashboard all i have are shortcuts to the product on desk top and they will not even bring up the box at all i would like my money back 21.99 paid by credit card my name is elizabeth crystal…

    • NexWaysoftWare.com Queja 331651 for $39.99
      Publicado 17 hours ago

      A charge showed up on my credit card statement from this company. I never have has anything to do with them, nor do I even know who they are. Looks like they made the charge show up as Avast…

    Mostrar 1 - 20 of 290521 informes