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  • eFreeScore.com Queja 346550 for $0.00
    Publicado 31 minutes ago

    I emailed about an ad on craigslist and got this email in response sending me to get my "free credit report." I noticed that the craigslist ad was deleted, although they told me I was the…

  • Kids Come 1st Queja 346549 for $30.00
    Publicado 2 hours ago

    Guy pulls into driveway, acts like he knows me. Im new to neighborhood. He says that he's selling raffle tickets for the local kids baseball teams. I asked which one and he says "all of…

  • Nubiotix Queja 346548 for $220.82
    Publicado 2 hours ago

    Heard the radio ad for Nubiotix Digestive Enzyme Blend for $5.99. Received the shipment. 2 weeks later a charge appeared for $69.95, with no additional product. 2 weeks later 2 charges appeared for…

  • Arc Labs Inc Queja 346547 for $99.00
    Publicado 3 hours ago

    This company has fraudulently charged my bank account for £99 ( $143 )for goods I never ordered nor for that matter received. I ordered and received the free trial and paid £3.95 postage and 14 days…

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    • PTXYL ESHOP COM& TRADE PUTIAN CN N:658460 Queja 346546 for $56.12
      Publicado 3 hours ago

      in data 05/12/2015, ordinavo una borsa tipo Michael Kors, pagata a mezzo carta di credito Post Pay, $ 39.00+19.00 di spedizione. La predetta borsa ad oggi 05/02/2016, non mi è stata ancora consegnata.…

    • Coachoutletstores.us.com Queja 346545 for $107.00
      Publicado 5 hours ago

      I sent this "Coach" company $107.00 and did not do my research. They pretend to be an outlet near you and then you find out they are in China. I asked for pictures of the inside of the bag…

    • PERE Queja 346544 for $44.42
      Publicado 6 hours ago

      on receiving my credit card statement i saw this sight with a charge of $44.42 which i have no idea who they are and why i was charged this amount. I want my money back.

    • REPROPERTYNETWORK.COM Queja 346543 for $49.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      I'm am happy with this scam and I have reported you to the better business Bureau and I live off a fixed income I put money on my card to pay a bill and your so called company takes itI called…

    • Old Mutual Financial Incorporated Queja 346542 for $0.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      Received a letter - won $250,000 in a lottery and had steps to claim it. Enclosed was a check for $3,650. to cover a $3,300 "Processing Fee". Names in the letter are "Rita Adams"…

    • SLICKBITE LLC Queja 346541 for $499.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      wants to charge $499 to fix computer. has to done now or your computer will blow up and stop working!!thank god i did not do it!! be careful if virus comes up with alarm and phone #

    • Sandycolly2001@gmail.com Queja 346536 for $250.00
      Publicado 14 hours ago

      She had 2 maltese pups to rehome..then she said that I just pay 250 for shipping and she pd. 50. The I get an email from express pets that the pups didn't have insurance on them that would cost…

    • LC myperfresume Queja 346535 for $36.54
      Publicado 18 hours ago

      I noticed that this company had taken $50.87au out of my account without my permission, my wife signed up for a $1 resume template and now they are trying to take money from us without our permission.…

    • nine2five.com.au Queja 346534 for $54.00
      Publicado 19 hours ago

      I recently ordered a C/meo women's top from what I thought was a legitimate fashion website. Once I finalised the order I was given an order number but no confirmation email. 2 weeks later I…

    • nine2five.com.au Queja 346533 for $79.64
      Publicado 19 hours ago

      Ordered a wallet from nine2five.com.au, thinking it was a safe website to use. Was given an order confirmation number and the money was taken out of the account. I received a Michael Kors wallet…

    • Hponlineshop Queja 346532 for $189.00
      Publicado 21 hours ago

      May of last year(2015) I ordered some Beats By Dre Studio 2.0 headphones they came a month late and they were broken.when I tried to contact them they were nowhere to be found.I kept searching for…

    • Fangxi Chengxiuquli PuTianShi FUJIAN China 351100 Phone Number Complaint 346531 for $50.00
      Publicado 22 hours ago

      I want my money back .I buy a suppose Pandora and it's chip stuff I don t really want that and no paper in the bag nothing .and I don't no how return .and I can believe you are very stolen…

    • UpClick Queja 346530 for $249.00
      Publicado 22 hours ago

      I called about receiving help in downloading a photo adapter. After talking to a women for a very short time, she said I needed to purchase a "solid tech" support service. I kept saying…

    • techbuzz Queja 346529 for $200.00
      Publicado Feb 4th, 2016

      Purchased 2yr AVG internet security 2015 for 3 full computers, TechBuzz installed one on my PC and I require the full AVG licence to complete the installation on the other PCs but TechBuzz have not…

    • LC myperfresume Queja 346528 for $500.00
      Publicado Feb 4th, 2016

      This money is coming out of my account for the past 5 months I am not happy at all that this has been deducted from my account without my permission.It is on all my statements for the past few months.…

    • TechFixNow.com Queja 346527 for $299.95
      Publicado Feb 4th, 2016

      Popped up on computer and locked up. Said we had virus and could only use techfixnow.charges us $299.95 to fix. Couple of months later called back and said going out of business needed to refund…

    Mostrar 1 - 20 of 304908 informes