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  • Thrive Nutra Queja 328729 for $89.99
    Publicado 31 minutes ago

    This company offers a free trial and you just pay $4.99 for the product (Thrive Nutra/ garcinia cambogia extract and Green Coffee supplements) and 14 days later I was billed an additional $89.99. I…

  • Dynamix7.com Queja 328728 for $4,210.55
    Publicado 2 hours ago

    O have paid money for a website affiliated with Amazon and for training sessions that unfortunately have not produced any income from them at all. I was sent to many other companies to join up for…

  • As a growing child i have always been given anything that i want and Queja 328727 for $343.00
    Publicado 2 hours ago

    As a growing child i have always been given anything that i want and this was made possible through the help of my parent, So i never see life to be a big task, All this changed when my lover left me…

  • age renew serum Queja 328726 for $180.00
    Publicado 3 hours ago

    Trial offer £9.95 plus purchase affiliated company 5.00 found it on my bt yahoo sight send for free trial what a load of misleading rubbish they have taken £180 from my bank this morning, I am a…

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    • SHEN HUANG Queja 328725 for $87.23
      Publicado 6 hours ago

      I purchased in good faith Ray Ban sunglasses x3 pairs, I questioned the authenticity before they were delivered and assured they were "authentic quality direct from the factory" I asked…

    • IphoneGlam Queja 328723 for $31.00
      Publicado 7 hours ago

      Placed an order for a purse but never recied it. Have followed up with emails to the company but they just don't reply. This is the second time I have ordered something. The first I didn't…

    • SUPPLEMENT FOR FAT BURNERR Queja 328722 for $9.00
      Publicado 8 hours ago

      I have total confidence in her all night control I dent like Brandon yeah of them are healed elicit was just telling meshed watched Lindsey Jacobellis two years ago right here in Whistler at the…

    • OYETRIVIA Queja 328720 for $7,000.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      This social site is also one fraud site and community. First i taken 6 Months Plan Rs.3500/- and they told me u will get high profile number. After that they ask me to pay 3500/- more because female…

    • Total Property Management Queja 328718 for $0.00
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      I rented this apartment through the agency and I haven't got any of the keys of the internal doors, plus the key to one of the locks on the main door and the key to the garage door. I reported…

    • fastheal.com Queja 328717 for $99.99
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      I was contacted by info@fastheal.com. A person named Sam Gill,from the company fastheal contacted me by phone saying that my computer was at risk and that they were connected to windows. They told me…

    • Biotrim Labs Queja 328716 for $150.00
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      I bought 3 mnths supply of pure cambogia ultra from the bio trim labs. Its…

    • SprbaLife Queja 328715 for $69.95
      Publicado 11 hours ago

      Found this company pending in my account! I have never approved or singed a agreement to have them withdrawal any type of funds from my account! Complete FRAUD!!

    • Rdintskin8884436422 Phone Number Complaint 328714 for $89.85
      Publicado 12 hours ago

      I was charged for something that was advertised for free for 30 days. Lumisse and Bright Skin are false advertising. When I received my credit card statement, I realized I had been charged and when I…

    • mymoneyfinder.co.uk Queja 328713 for $69.99
      Publicado 12 hours ago

      please back my money beacuse j not akccepted if transfer from my account do for you.If you lairthey company would like my help but why must pay this is help? thank for that helpens please back my…

    • Lumisse Queja 328712 for $89.62
      Publicado 13 hours ago

      Free trial link off of Facebook, just pay $4.85 for S&H. No where did I see this "free trial" had to be cancelled within 14 days. On day 15 my bank was charged $89.95 under a…

    • Lu-Misse Queja 328711 for $179.90
      Publicado 13 hours ago

      Ordered "sample" on Face book, and only agreed to pay for shipping = $4.00 a month later I get a second shipment and my credit card has been billed $89.95 but I was ill and did not see it…

    • MediaGod Queja 328710 for $34.80
      Publicado 13 hours ago

      They charge my bank account for service that is not rendered, because they told me, my device is unable to support the software they sell. However they charged my account anyway. Please correct…

    • Lumanelle Queja 328709 for $10.00
      Publicado 13 hours ago

      my wife asked me to order for her Lumanelle repair and Hydrat. I din't check information about sheet, trusted her that she did good investigation on net. I ordered it and after got email, that…

    • T&R RentToOwn Queja 328708 for $49.68
      Publicado 14 hours ago

      this company somehow got my debit card and has charged my bank I did not ok this and want it put back into my acct.i do not even know this co. who are they anyway and whatare they selling…

    • Fulfillment Center,14603 East Moncrieff Place,Unit 100,Aurora,CO 800 Queja 328706 for $522.00
      Publicado 15 hours ago

      I can't get a hold of anyone to discontinue this supply. I just wanted to do the trial but they keep sending it to me and I have no idea how to cancel these orders!please help ASAP! I CANNOT…

    Mostrar 1 - 20 of 287690 informes