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  • AtoZsystem Queja 327258 for $81.97
    Publicado 21 minutes ago

    This company has a 100% 60-day money back Guarantee, but refused to refund my monies. They were not authorized to withdraw $77.00 on July 21, 2014; I did pay the $4.97 and that was it. I spoke with a…

  • Gardeners Collection Queja 327257 for $76.25
    Publicado 31 minutes ago

    Do not order from this outfit. Same experience as reported by others. May 21 received confirmation my order had been shipped. 4 weeks later still no delivery. Finally delivery occurred. my trees…

  • FreeLotto Company Queja 327256 for $1.00
    Publicado 47 minutes ago

    the scam in the netherlands now you receive a message with the text you have won 2,000000 euro and a lotnumber1422175/14 on freelotto, and phonenumber 447572690436, nothing is fotr free in the…

  • Fulfillment Center,14603 East Moncrieff Place,Unit 100,Aurora,CO 800 Queja 327255 for $95.00
    Publicado 1 hour ago

    Ordered a "free sample" of face cream only had to pay $4.99 for s/h, the deal was the after 14 days I could cancel and get all of my money back. According to them day one started on the day…

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    • icreditstore.co.uk Queja 327254 for $7,995.00
      Publicado 1 hour ago

      My name is Ruzmir Zlatkic, I live in Cardiff, 186A City Road, CF24 3JF. This company take from my bank account on HSBC Bank 21th July 2014 £79,95.I never have a contact with this company.I would like…

    • Betcoiner Queja 327253 for $10.00
      Publicado 1 hour ago

      Bet on two bets. No resolving or payoff on both bets until now. But new Bets with alluring good rates are constantly added. Looks like the whole site is a scam.

    • SafeCart Queja 327252 for $39.39
      Publicado 2 hours ago

      on internet I bay with Paypal PC Cleaner Pro but Idont ricive it I sed a e-mail but no answer. Ty for help & ty for refund many Enrico Salerno enricosalerno@gmail.com

      Publicado 2 hours ago

      To be honest I have no clue about who, what and where they are or come from....to actually get access to my account to do this!???? Been discharged from hospital late April so been busy coping with…

    • shenzhen karl union electrical limited Queja 327250 for $120.00
      Publicado 2 hours ago

      In december i ordered on Alibaba from this company who has sold me an iphone 5c pink at first it's worked but the seller Lee Li lie to me about the quality of camera . In 3 days the phone…

    • Alluria Queja 327249 for $100.00
      Publicado 3 hours ago

      06/06/14 i odered a trial set of Alluria and Veloura for special promotion and paid in Rand (its around 10 dollars)for each product. Order nr.5011936. I didnt get any trial creams yet but at 11/07/14…

    • amzn.com/prmeNVUS Queja 327248 for $99.00
      Publicado 3 hours ago

      I was charged for something that I never agreed to or will allow. Total refund needed as soon as possible. This was not authorized by me and needs to be fixed.

    • PILLS FOR A MAN MAKING BODY PERFECT Queja 327247 for $9.00
      Publicado 3 hours ago

      I would like to bring a marsupial you know rare event that maybe let me just ride or a month without bread see what happens or every time that I'm consuming dairy you know I feel like my joins…

    • deniro marketing,lcc Queja 327246 for $129.00
      Publicado 4 hours ago

      funds deducted from my credit card,which i have not subscribed to.no idea what this is for.i have emailed the customer support for assistance,and i was told a consultant will get in touch with me,i…

    • HBS Beauty Queja 327245 for $100.00
      Publicado 4 hours ago

      I have no clue or even heard of this HBS Health Beauty but they removed $100 out of my bank account! They hang up each time I ask about this fraud. I have seen many complaining on this in different…

    • Martin Crippen, scammer and thief Queja 327244 for $9,000.00
      Publicado 8 hours ago

      Martin Anthony Crippen, employed by BP, is a scammer who targets elderly gay men, seeking their bank account's pin numbers, etc. Do not trust that thief! His brother is in the film industry,…

    • H1BASE.com Queja 327243 for $195.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      Hello All, First of all, I would like to convey my extreme dissatisfaction on the way the H1b PRO ELITE - Premium Plus process work from the last one years. H1base are just broadcasting the resumes…

    • I have the same thing happened, I bought a jar costs $ 4.99 and then Queja 327242 for $79.97
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      I have the same thing happened, I bought a jar costs $ 4.99 and then removed from my account $ 79.97 I'm shocked how can you and I want to give them back the product back and give me back my…

    • Pathos Skin Care Queja 327240 for $94.05
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      I ordered a trial bottle for $4.95. I got my credit card statement and Pathos Skin Co. had charged my account with an additional $89.10 which I didn't authorize. There was no terms of agreement…

    • Careceo.com Phone Number Complaint 327239 for $0.00
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      i have received an SMS on 24th July 2014, 09:33 am stating that the matter is of urgent attention and cannot be discussed over phone. Has asked to contact on email id cc88@careceo.com. and has…

    • PILLS FOR A MAN BODY BUILDING Queja 327238 for $9.00
      Publicado 10 hours ago

      I that day by look good yesterday I'm gonna go ahead and do it I don’t I can tell anyone no pressure now an Enid along died train and that was with myself losing Evelyn was our guests right now…

    Mostrar 1 - 20 of 286271 informes