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  • Double Digit Covers Queja 333350 for $5,000.00
    Publicado 32 minutes ago

    Same as the fist guys complaint. They called me with promises of of trial period for $69.99 for one week of picks with 1 "Double Digit" pick, which supposedly has a 90% win rate. As soon…

  • Slendera Garcinia Cambogia Queja 333349 for $109.67
    Publicado 2 hours ago

    I did not okay this transaction. (one) Two, the paper work sent with it is saying,"every 15 days $109.67 is coming out of my account. Then it says, day33,$69.62 , every 30 days there after…

  • Flawless Youth Skin Care Queja 333348 for $20.00
    Publicado 2 hours ago

    I want to return skin care products, as they burn my face. I was pressured into purchasing face creams on top of the "risk-free" trial I had agreed to. In order to get a refund, I have to…

  • OhPlayIt.com Queja 333347 for $34.95
    Publicado 3 hours ago

    Joined for a 10 day trial. Was not anything worthwhile. Cancelled on the 10th day. Charged a dollar to cancel. Told I would receive a cancellation email. Did not receive email and have been charged…

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    • Blinq.com Queja 333346 for $108.00
      Publicado 3 hours ago

      From their website "the BLINQ Promise... Not 100% satisfied? Please let us know and we'll do our absolute best to make it right." I purchased an unlocked phone 7/1/14 as the price…

    • homeincomeflow Queja 333345 for $0.00
      Publicado 3 hours ago

      I am unable to log in to my account since i registered.I have not got a chance to try out the offer if true or not. An instant fee of 3.78 dirhams had been deducted 4rm my debit card.I have been…

    • Lumisse Queja 333344 for $90.00
      Publicado 3 hours ago

      I ordered in Sept 2014, and thought I was getting a sample of a fine skin improvement product. I recieved it and it m ade my face red and smells horrible unlike a good quality product. I was away…

    • Amazon Prime Queja 333343 for $108.41
      Publicado 5 hours ago

      I was charged by amazon.com/prme.nvas $108.40.I have not purchased a membership plan. I would like a full refund or forget future online purchases.in the future.

    • Cash4U.com Queja 333342 for $225.00
      Publicado 5 hours ago

      The person I dealt with was Mike Anderson. This was for a loan in the amount of $3500. My monthly payment would have been for $225.00 a month. So after telling me I was approved for the loan he tells…

    • Pure Garcinia Cambogia Queja 333341 for $200.00
      Publicado 5 hours ago

      My complaint is pretty much like the others. I got the trial offer and then they charged me for it a week later. Then 2 weeks later they shipped me another order. This is when I got my credit card…

    • Nutra Logistic Queja 333340 for $192.00
      Publicado 6 hours ago

      I applied for the free trial for £4.95 I then check my bank account to see that they have taken an addition £192 out of my bank without any order or my permission. I have tried to ring the number I…

    • your cupid matches.com (username :sxyluv30) Queja 333339 for $0.00
      Publicado 6 hours ago

      She left me a message on Flirt and hook up.I'm not a member of that site they got my profile from another one and since I'm not a member I can't respond to any messages. She left me her…

    • Skin pure/ WSI CLEAR 1800-507-7782 Queja 333338 for $189.96
      Publicado 8 hours ago

      Ordered trial sample of skin pur/wsi clears.this was not done on their official site, which that site states you only have 14 days to stop. The site I used had no information staing that. Nor when I…

    • 416-999-4222 HAS BEEN RECYCLED AND CLEARED Queja 333337 for $0.01
      Publicado 8 hours ago

      This certain number was obtained,and used in a fraudulent way,as of now,this number was let go,or sold. It was then transfered through other carriers under a different person. There is NO ISSUES…

    • P.O. Box 500 RPO Steeles West North York Ontario M3J 0J8 Queja 333336 for $160.77
      Publicado 8 hours ago

      I Ordered free trial for 4.98$ but after 2 weeks, I was charged for 160.77$ on my credit card, WITH OUT MY AUTHORISATION, this company is definitely the king of the fraud. More than that the customer…

    • MSFT Billing Queja 333335 for $9.87
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      Made an unauthorized transaction from my pre-paid credit card at 11:53pm. This seems to be a pattern like they only go after your money at night while you are sleeping. This is the third time this…

    • MSFT Billing Queja 333334 for $9.87
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      Made an unauthorized withdrawal from my pre-paid credit card at 11:48pm. I was asleep at the time so there is no way I could've made this purchase. This is the second time they took money from…

    • MSFT Billing Queja 333333 for $31.62
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      Made three unauthorized withdrawals from my pre-paid credit card at 11:50pm. I never made these purchases yet it says they are POSPreAuthCompletion on my statement. I was asleep when this happened…

    • Payza Queja 333332 for $200.00
      Publicado 9 hours ago

      Hi , my payza email is hary1143@yahoo.com i am a verified member with them they took my funds as well they closed my account and my friends account , we both were verified with them , when we…

    • https://ifhpurchase.com/fb Queja 333331 for $0.00
      Publicado 11 hours ago

      This site is scam. He was trying to get my money about $157 from credit card. Luckily I Have Block My card immediately. So This bastard failed to get my money. Please BAND https://ifhpurchase.com/fb…

    Mostrar 1 - 20 of 292138 informes