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The complaint is against an online dating profile

The complaint is a listing fraud posted on public forums or sites against an anonymous entity

The complaint is mobile text spam or smishing related against an anonymous entity

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    • Classic Parade Complaint / User Submitted Image #369103
    • Classic Parade Complaint / User Submitted Image #369103
    • Classic Parade Complaint / User Submitted Image #369103
    • Classic Parade Complaint / User Submitted Image #369103
    • Classic Parade Complaint / User Submitted Image #369103
    • Classic Parade Complaint / User Submitted Image #369103
    • Classic Parade Complaint / User Submitted Image #369103
    • Classic Parade Complaint / User Submitted Image #369103

After leaving a negative (but factual) review last week on google I have since received a barrage of harassing and threatening texts, calls and emails from Andrew Brown the so called owner of this ‘company’.
His messages not only tried to blackmail me to take down my review, they were also threatening, hence I have had to report him to the police. I have screenshots of all of his messages, which you will find in the pictures attached, threatening to leave negative reviews about me and my business if I do not take them down (which he has since done).
Andrew is likely to follow up on this review with a response accusing me of sending abusive emails etc. I sent 3 emails to classic parade, all polite and to business standard. the first was my initial enquiry, the second was a follow up and the third simply said ‘FYI’.
After some investigation it appears that he has done this to many others who have been unlucky enough to use his scam business.
If you are unsure if I am telling the truth click on all the 1 star reviews for classic parade and read what he has been doing to people. Ask yourself are we all lying? Are his responses professional? Is this someone you would want to hand over money to?
And also take into consideration the following facts?

- If he has a real company why isn’t it registered? Do you really want to hand money over to a company that isn’t even registered.
- The garage shown on his website does not actually belong to classic parade but it’s a knightsbridge Garage holding local residents cars
- Classic Parade isn’t a registered company therefore it doesn’t have any assets hence it doesn’t own any cars……

Whatever you do, stay as far away from this scam as you can. They are using fake reviews to boost their profile and threatening/blackmailing people who are posting their true experiences.

My Original Review:
Absolutely awful customer service.
My experience went as follows:
I spoke to someone originally and asked if they rented cars for a day rather than over the weekend. He proceeded to tell me that that is exactly what they specialise in, how I can rent a car for any 24 hour period and he ran through options for the date I had in mind.
This all sounded great and he then asked that I follow up with an email. I did so.
I received no response to that email so I followed up with a further email. Still no response.
A few days later I called again and spoke to a 2nd person. I explained the situation and was told that they don’t do day rentals only weekend, I again gave my date (April) and he said he found my email and would come back with options for me ‘within ten minutes’.
This never happened and I still didn’t receive any response.
I then called a third time, and spoke to the original person who again apologies, told me he couldn’t understand why they hadn’t received my email and waited on the telephone whilst I forwarded it for a second time. He confirmed that he has received it and that I would receive a response shortly with some options for my date. I asked that someone come back to me either way as if they couldn’t help I would need to look at other options.
I again received no response.
I finally called for the 4th time and spoke to Andrew again. he tried to blame his colleague who was apparently meant to get back to me. I asked that I be promised a response for the date I had given, I had wasted 2-3 weeks on the process already and just wanted to know if they could supply cars for my date in April or not. His response shocked me. Apparently he wasn’t even in the office as it’s a summer business so they don’t operate in the winter. Firstly, April isn’t winter. Secondly why on earth would you provide a quote through my American express concierge service and not to me directly. And mostly importantly why would you say you can help in the first place and string me along for weeks. Not the way you run a business.

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